Toho Bank

The regional public Toho Bank is among top class Japanese providers such as Hokkaido, Yamagata, Shinsei, and others. Its wholesale and retail banking to public and private sectors, mostly related to the local busines enterprises. Itís main office is situated in Fukushima, but the structure also has branches in Miyagi Prefecture, Utsunomiya, and Tokyo. Toho Bank is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the ticker 8346. The Toho bank is a commercial bank which owns subsidiaries across Japan, among which: The Toho Staff Service Co, The Toho Card Co.,The Toho Real Estate Service Co, and others. The bank has a total of 1,999 employees dispatched in its regional offices while the sales for 2008 amount to $583.8 million. Its total assets as of March, 2004 account for 2.6 trillion Japanese yen and the sales for the 2009 fiscal year add up to USD 62,567 million. The total outstanding shares of Toho, as of October 2009 stand at 251 million.

Toho Bank came about after the merger between three regional establishments in 1941, within the Japanese wartime economic framework. The bank adjoined other smaller banking institutions during the years of the following decade. Its development hit standstill during the price bubble and when it ended, the bank decided to open two international offices one in New York (1990) and the other in Hong Kong (1992). The overseas branches, however, did not manage to make it to the new millennium and were closed in the late 1990s. Toho Bank has struggled to eliminate the toll of its non-performing loans and at the same time, to enhance the share between capital and adequacy ratio, but its success in this undertaking is evasive, given that the Japanese Financial Services Agency has recently noted displacement of customer information on account of the bank.

The acting chairman of the bank is Toshio Seya, its president is Seishi Kitamura, while Tsukunobu Tamanu serves as its managing director.Toho Bank offers universal financial products, like savings, lending, public bonds, real estate management, venture firm support, investment trusts, and financing, and foreign and domestic exchange business. Its services also include ATMs, credit guaranteeing, information service, and software development, among others.

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