Banco Espanol de Crédito, S.A. (Banesto, established: 1902) is the fifth largest banking group in Spain. Banesto, 88-percent owned by Santander S.A. and publicly traded at the Madrid Stock Exchange under the symbol BTO, is headquartered in the capital of Spain. The credit bank is chaired by Ms Ana Patricia Botín, daughter of Santander Group President Group President Emilio Botin, who is leading a team of over 9,700 devoted professionals working in the bank’s 1,900 offices in Spain and internationally.

Banesto Group has based their business on three main pillars – retail banking, business banking and wholesale banking.

The individual customers of Banesto may rely on a broad variety of integrated banking services such as account management, bank cards, issuance, money transfers in Spain and around the world, deposits and insurance plans. The bank’s mortgage offers are particularly attractive, accounting for as much as ninety percent of the new customers of Banesto. In addition, the bank’s loan portfolio includes consumer loans, leasing solutions and overdrafts. To make their online banking service more accessible to their clients, the team of Banesto gives each household that uses the services of the bank a free HP PC and a 32-inch Toshiba TV for their pastime. This model of costumer relations has proved highly efficient as it has brought an increase in the number of newly-opened bank accounts with Banesto by about one million.

In terms of serving institutional clients, the group has specialized in providing integrated banking support to legal institutions, court-houses, and magistrates. Figures show that the clients of Banesto among the men-of-law are more than thirty thousand in number. For their excellent services in the management of accounts for the Spanish courts, Banesto Group received the award of the Colegio Nacional de Secretarios Judiciales.

In support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Banesto offers a set of specially-tailored solutions that facilitate their relations with suppliers, employees, customers, and partners. ICO Pymes and ICO Avanza are programs for financing communication and technology improvements, made by small and medium-sized businesses.

Corporate Banking is a major business of Banesto in the area of wholesale banking. The large enterprises who have chosen to work with Banesto S.A. take advantage of a rich variety of corporate banking services including treasury management and advisory, risk management and market analysis, and capital management. The Spanish companies operating abroad may rely on the support of Banesto Capital Market Unit, which caters for their needs of finance on the foreign markets.

Operating under the protection of their mother company, Santander S.A., Banesto announced a net profit of 780 million Euro for 2008, along with an operating income of slightly over one billion Euro and total assets in the amount of 120.5 billion Euro.

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