Postbank AG is a major German retail bank based in Bonn. The body was founded in 1909 by the German Reich as the Postscheckdienst – a service for payment transactions by mail, linking banking and postal services in the German states. In 1990, following major reforms, the German Postal Service (Deutsche Bundespost) was divided into three companies, on of which was Postbank. Some time later, Deutsche Post Postbank (from the former East Germany) merged with Postbank. Since 1999, Deutsche Post has been the owner of Postbank. In the following years, various acquisitions helped the bank grow and develop into a leading financial institution.

Nowadays, Postbank has 14.5 million customers and 20 910 employees. For the first six months of 2009, Postbank reported a net profit of €70 million (with €238 million in 2008). The current volume of savings exceeds €55 billion.

Deutsche Postbank AG went public in June 2004, and its stock symbol on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) is DPB. Deutsche Post retained the controlling stake of 50% plus one share until September 2008, when 30% was acquired by Deutsche Bank for €2.8 billion. Deutsche Bank retains the right of first option on a bid for what remains of the holding.

Postbank’s focus is on retail business with private clients, but the body is also active in the field of corporate banking. The Transaction Banking division performs various back office services for other companies which provide financial services. Approximately 300,000 professionals and various businesses are supported by Postbank.

Postbank offers private customers a traditional range of services, which are constantly innovated and expanded. This is done with the assistance of specialized banking software, capable of delivering, at a low cost, economies of scale and dynamic growth. Telephone and online banking are provided.

For corporate clients, Postbank offers numerous product options, such as credit cards, card terminals, business investments, factoring and leasing, private retirement planning, and pension plans. The bank’s customers are facilitated by the availability of multiple approaches to banking – including telephone, branch offices, as well as the modern mobile and online alternatives. As of 2009, Postbank has expanded the range of services for private customers, which now include the option to set card withdrawal limits for ATMs in Germany and abroad (a feature especially started for the holiday season).

For the upcoming year 2010, Postbank plans to boost efficiency by 50 % in Mobile Sales and by 40 % in Branch Sales, compared to the base year 2006.

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