Canadian Western Bank

With headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian Western Bank (CWB) is the biggest bank that operates in the western part of the country. Its shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker CWB.

The entity was established in 1988 with the merging of the Western & Pacific Bank of Canada and the Bank of Alberta. In 1994, Canadian Western Bank united with North West Trust Company, and, later on, the body gained BC Bancorp and purchased the Aetna Trust Company. One more key event in the bank’s history took place in 2001 when it bought branches of the Laurentian Bank of Canada. Other entities acquired by the CWB include: Canadian Western Capital, Canadian Direct Insurance, and Valiant Trust Company, among others.

Nowadays, Canadian Western Bank owns and operates more than 30 branches, which are situated in the Grand West of Canada. In these local offices, one can take advantage of its numerous services and products such as personal savings and deposit accounts, insurances, mortgages and loans.

The personal accounts that Canadian Western Bank offers are characterized by the great variety of features and options they provide. Thus, the Ultimate Choice® Account will give you a high rate of interest and always available funds for the small monthly fee of 25 dollars. The U.S. Dollar Personal Chequing Account will be ideal for US citizens or people with business interests in the United States, as it offers the opportunity to deposit and issue cheques in U.S. dollars. The Youth Account, on the other hand, allows you to provide for your children in the best possible way since the savings you deposit will not be charged any monthly fee and will benefit from preferential interest rates. And these are just three of the dozen accounts on offer by Canadian Western Bank.

If you want to buy property or invest in a business, the bank’s mortgage schemes can help you reach your goals. You can choose between conventional and high-ratio insured mortgages for terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years. The interest rates can be fixed or variable, and instalments can be paid at different intervals (every week, every other week, or once a month). Through its subsidiary Canadian Direct Insurance, Canadian Western Bank also offers low price/ high yield insurance policies that will protect your home and automobile against future damages and will compensate you for any injuries incurred while you were on the road.

But it is not just physical persons that can make use of the bank’s products. Corporations of any size can also avail themselves of its lending, leasing, and financing programs. Some the offered services include financing for commercial real estate, financing and leasing of equipment, commercial lending, and energy lending. Through CWB business internet banking, companies may transfer money, print account statements, pay bills online, export data, access deposit rates, and track their transactions.

If you need equipment to start a new business or rejuvenate your old one, then you can turn to the bank’s Equipment Financing Group, which will guide you to the lending plan that works best for you. Also, if you want to invest in the real estate sector, then you will be glad to learn that Canadian Western Bank has developed comprehensive, yet flexible schemes that cover all possible types of property at a price of up to 50 000 000 dollars.

All of the above options are only a small portion of what Canadian Western Bank can do for you. Through the bank you can also participate in a Mutual Fund, plan and schedule your retirement income, or make investments that will guarantee you a financially stable and comfortable future.

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