Natixis Banque

In 2006, Natixis Banque Populaire and IXIS merged into a French corporate and investment bank, called Natixis. The major shareholders Groupe Caisses d’Epargne and Banque Populaire possess nearly 2/3 of Natixis. Another 1/3 of the shares are offered on the Paris Stock Exchange with the stock symbol KN. The number of banking officers at Natixis numbers over 22 000 people. They work worldwide, distributed in more than 30 branches. The main office is situated in Paris.

Natixis features a variety of products and services divided into 5 main units: corporate and investment banking, private equity and banking, services, receivables management, and asset management.

The Corporate and Investment Banking activities comprise of a huge range of services such as: capital markets, debts, corporate and institutional banking (covering equities, forex, commodities, fixed-income and structured products). Loans grantedby Natixis amount to €116 billion, which places the bank at the front lines of achievers.

The Private Equity and Banking activities are operated via Banque Privee Saint Dominique. Nearly $630 billions are traded in equities and managed by this branch, turning Natixis into one of the leading private equity dealers in France. The bank focuses on small and medium-sized business companies while operating through its Natixis Private Equity Subsidiary.
Regarding Services, Natixis offers common banking products such as debts, insurances, financial guarantees, etc. Further, Asset management is reflected in the impressive amount of €433 billion turnover in asset dealing. Last but not least, the Receivables Management Activities are handled by the Coface subsidiary. In addition, this branch offers to businesses some risk analysis services.

Natixis implements some measures to prevent money laundering cases and the financing of terrorists. The MIFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) came into effect in 2007 as a very positive act. The Directive is implemented in all European members, aiming at market integration (including enhanced competitiveness, greater clients’ protection, etc.).

The bank sets forth an initiative called “Yesterday’s Heritage, Tomorrow’s Treasures” which is implemented through the development of cultural projects. Furthermore, the body participates in humanitarian missions, financial campaigns such as the fight against malaria in countries with a high percentage of infected individuals.

Natixis offers the typical broad range of products and services, found at most of the leading banks, plus new business outlook, oriented toward charitable projects.

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