MDM Bank

MDM Bank is one of the largest private Russian banks. Recently, the body merged with URSA Bank. The new company operates under the name of MDM Bank and its headquarters were moved to Novosibirsk. MDM Bank was founded some 15 years ago while URSA - in 1990. Currently, the group has over ten thousand employees and a network of over 350 retail outlets in 160 cities.

The bank is providing two types of products and services, combined under two major units: Corporate Banking & Investment Banking and Retail Banking.

The first encompasses financial markets, private banking, asset management, leasing, corporate banking, investment banking and more precisely, corporate lending, leasing, factoring, cash collection, trade finance, settlements, cash management, forfait financing, leasing, and export credit agency financing. These are targeted toward middle to larger Russian companies dealing with IT and telecommunications, insurance, construction, real estates, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, nuclear energy, mining, manufacturing, and food processing.

MDM’s Retail Banking includes credit cards, autoloans, mortgages, and fixed-term deposits, targeting the emerging middle class or otherwise disposed households with monthly income over 250 EUR per person. Car loans are a priority of the bank as they had enlarged direct sales by offers to Moscow car dealers and malls. Deposits, debit cards and lending are well developed as services, cementing the bank’s position as a Russian banking leader. MDM works with nearly 60 banks under agreements for card issuances.

With regard to the targeted small enterprises, the bank has rendered 25-30 billion USD in loans (being of 9 kinds) under the Programme of Lending to Small and Medium Enterprises. The terms of the loan application allow to choose a credit line, overdraft, guarantee and others. The loans are categorized in various groups: MDM-Express, MDM-Micro, MDM-Small; MDM-Auto, MDM-Resource (for real estates and equipment purchases), MDM-Line (capital financing), MDM-Autodealer, MDM-Simplified, and Leasing. Deposits, on the other hand, are of two kinds: MDM-Comfort and MDM-Income. Deposits are also offered to corporate clients.

Leasing is realized through the bank’s subsidiary: LeasingPromHold. The body contracts leasing deals with heavy equipment, vehicles, and other machinery. Advisory services are also offered and aim at optimization of the clients’ needs and financial capacity.

The best practices in the international corporate governance, including the establishment of a transparent legal structure are also a prerogative of the bank. The body issues quarterly financial statements that comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

MDM Bank is likewise a leading sponsor of classical music concerts by popular Russian and international performers and singers. The regional cultural organizations, situated in the cities where those concerts take place, are also financed by the bank.

MDM is one of the leading Russian banks which follows an innovative approach toward the new requirements in the sector and at the same time, fulfils its clientele’s needs for safety.

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