Calyon Bank

Calyon Bank focuses on capital markets and financial and investment activities, boosting international presence at 58 countries and a staff of more than 13 000 employees. The bank was established in 2004 and specializes in the Interest Rate Derivatives area.

Calyon Bank has a number of divisions, handling different segments of the bank’s activity as follows: coverage& investment banking, fixed income markets, commercial banking, equity brokerage& derivatives, structured finance, and international private banking.

The Coverage & Investment Banking deals with monitoring and advance of the French companies and financial institutions, advisory services, and equity financial operations. The body comprises of two units: regional and foreign delegations. These serve the middle-level clients in France and worldwide. The company also deals with advisory services and equity financing such as equity capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate equity derivatives, and loan syndication.

Fixed Income Markets engages in sales and trades. Its products are standard, structured and aimed at the same type of clients, as handled by previous division. Calyon has spread a network of trading rooms in different countries, amongst which in England, France, United States, Japan, etc. The five product lines are foreign exchange, interest rate rerivative, treasury, debt and credit markets and commodities.

The Commercial Banking sector offers commercial banking services for non-financial companies and financial institutions including non-structured and trade finances, cash and liability management. The structure operates export and trade activities, E-business cash management, correspondent banking (the entry point of international banks), and operational finance in more than 50 countries.

Equity brokerage, trading, arbitrage of equity and index derivatives, warrants, certificates, funds, etc. are covered by the Equity Brokerage&Derivatives Division. Its activities are spread throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. The Division is active through its two subsidiaries: Credit Agricole Cheuvreux (operating in Europe and the Middle East) and CLSA (performing its activities in Asia).

Structured Finance handles loan and advisory businesses. The body has a staff of more than 800 professional experts and operates large-scale exports and investments in France and outside the country. Complex and structured loans are offered as well. The division consists of nine finance segments among which: shipping, natural resources, real estates, and transactional commodities. Regarding international presence, Calyon performs its Private Banking dealings, under the Credit Agricole Private Bank, offering a number of investment products. By performing the above activities, the Bank actually represents the Corporate and Investment banking arm of the Credit Agricole S.A.

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