Hokkaido Bank

Hokkaido Bank is a Japanese bank which was created in 1951 in Sappooro with the assistance of the people of various business operators. The bank’s mission is to earn the trust of the members at the local communities, turning their interests into a top key priority. The bank aims at spotless business management, customer-friendly policy, and respect for all of its employees. In 2002, Hokkaido undertook the launch of the first Japanese deployment of an online agent for the purpose of customer service. The software eGain Assistant ™ was developed by the eGain Communications Corporation. At present, its management is merged with that of Hokuriku Bank. The banks started their business cooperation in 2002, which led to the merger of the two bodies during the following year. In 2004, they started functioning as subsidiaries of the Hokuhoku Financial Group. At present, Hokkaido has 134 domestic branches, 11 foreign exchange, and 52 money exchange offices. Its assets total 33, 8 trillion yen as of March 2005.

The services of Hokkaido Bank include ATM, current and time deposits, deposits at notice, certificates of deposits in the country, customized dollar-denominated pension insurance in accordance with the client’s individual contribution, non-accrual delinquent loans, support loans, and overdraft. Also, the bank offers various cash redistribution by means of associated companies –credit cards issuance, real estate cost estimation, and loan guarantees, among others.

Since 2004, Hokkaido has offered electronic reception of transfer requests, which allows the clients to file the request without a personal seal. To facilitate the service, 177 counters in Japan offer the use of the SAISON card, with which one is able to arrange the quick transfer.

In August 2009, the bank entered in a business alliance with the large Aozora bank which aims at cooperation in the field of agricultural sector finance. Aozora will contribute with its vast financial expertise, whereas the Hokkaido bank has strong customer base in the sector. The agreement aims at speeding up the economic growth of the Hokkaido area.

At present, the bank aims at upgrading its corporate governance, focusing on time efficient decision making and better operational efficiency. At the same time, the bank creates a solid management framework, building the confidence of shareholders and customers through good management and better transparency. Finally, the Board of Directors is reduced in size while the system implemented its executive officer system.

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