JPMorgan Chase & Co

Founded in 1799 in New York City, where its headquarters are to this day, JPMorgan Chase & Co, as the structure is known today, is among oldest and best reputed financial companies in the world. In facts and figures, the company’s assets amount to the staggering two trillion US dollars.
JP Morgan Chase & Co is also the leader on the US financial market in terms of capitalization and the third largest financial institution in the country by deposits, behind the Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The firm acquired its current name in 2000, following the acquisition of J.P. Morgan & Co by Chase Manhattan Corporation. The firm has over 220,000 employees, serving millions of consumers in USA and globally, as well as some of the world's most prominent governmental, institutional, and corporate clients. The company’s main businesses include investment and private and corporate banking, asset and wealth management, insurance services, as well as treasury and securities services.

The individual clients of JP Morgan may choose from a rich variety of everyday banking services (offered under the Chase brand) such as checking and deposit account management, credit and debit card issuance, ATM services and channels for online and telephone banking, consumer, education and home lending solutions, mortgage and auto loans, whereas the clients of the company from the higher walk of life may take advantage of specially-tailored asset and private wealth management solutions and investment advisory services.

In support of small and medium-sized businesses, the financial experts of JP Mrgan offer a set of integrated banking services, including leasing solutions for the purchase of materials and equipment, business crediting and real estate financing, financial support for business projects, and market advisory services.

The corporate clients of the company may choose from a set of corporate banking services, including market analyses, corporate investment risk management, corporate lending, while the firm’s Treasury & Securities Division (operating under JP Morgan) offers a set of treasury services including global trade assistance, core cash and liquidity management, import and export advisory, and investment consulting. Through partnerships with some of the biggest lenders and charities in the world, JP Morgan has financed a significant number of public projects in the spheres of education, sports, healthcare, environment, science, and technologies.

JP Morgan Chase & Co is headed by Mr. James L. Dimon, who serves as President, CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board. The company’s core business principles involve top-class franchise in every business, operated under their brands. All of the company’s activities are oriented towards their clients and the target market so as to deliver the best products and services at the lowest possible cost.

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