Taunus Corporation

Since 1872, when Deutsche Bank opened a business in the United States of America, the bank has consolidated its positions as a reliable provider of premium financial services to state agencies, corporations, governments, private individuals and institutions in the Americas. Taunus Corporation was founded in 1999 as the North American subsidiary of Germany’s Deutsche Bank AG. The body is currently operating as a bank holding company for Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. The company is headquartered in New York City and is headed by Mr. John Ross, CEO. Taunus currently has 23,000 employees. Being part of the Deutsche Bank family, Taunus Corporation has developed retail banking, asset management, and corporate banking businesses.

The retail banking business of Taunus Corporation encompasses everyday banking solutions such as checking and savings account management, online and telephone banking, money transfer and payment assistance, credit and debit card issuance and wealth management services, while the bank’s loan portfolio contains consumer loans, mortgage and realty financing, etc.

To their small business clients, the American arm of Deutsche Bank has to offer a set of integrated financial services, including business banking, agriculture loans and leasing solutions for the purchase of equipment and vehicles, business project financing, risk assessment and management services, investment advisory, and business insurance options.

To their corporate clients the Taunus team has to offer a rich variety of premium financial services including cash management, equity-linked products and services, asset management, leasing solutions and industrial loans, commercial real estate finance, corporate brokerage, market analyses, global trade assistance, corporate payment and transactions, mergers and acquisitions supervision and consulting, trust and securities services, including safekeeping and clearing services for securities in more than 30 markets worldwide.

Through partnerships with governmental institutions and charity organizations, the American subsidiary of Deutsche Bank is committed to the financing and development of various projects in the spheres of consumer protection, healthcare, the mass media, leisure and hospitality, environmental protection and natural resources management, technology and telecommunications. In a decisive bid to reduce CO2 emissions, the management of Deutsche Bank has announced that all of ist facilities in the Americas shall be powered by green energy. To achieve this goal, the management of DB has agreed to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources for 2009-2010 in the amount of 160,000 megawatt hours per year. The bank also participated in a number of initiatives for climate change management.

In November 2009, AsiaRisk Magazine tagged Deutsche Bank the Private Bank of the Year, with regard to the outstanding performance of their Private Wealth Management Unit.

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