Comerica Incorporated

Comerica Incorporated was founded in Detroit in 1849 and moved its headquarters to Dallas in 2007 as a part of its long-term policy of extending to the Southwest regions of the U.S. A year later, the bank was selected by the Department of Treasury to implement the Direct Express debit card program.

Being one of the largest U.S. banking companies with nearly $63 billion in total assets and 12 000 employees, Comerica has spread its nearly 500 branches mostly in Michigan, Texas, California, and Arizona. The bank is working in three main areas, including corporate banking, small businesses, and personal financial operations.

The Personal Finance area includes Banking, Loans & Credit Cards, Investing and Insurance.

Banking is presented by several kinds of accounts (savings and money market accounts), debit: ATM cards, together with checking accounts through online banking. The online banking offers some financial services: Comerica Web Banking which allows to view account history and transferr of funds, etc; Comerica Web Bill Pay helps making payments to clients or other persons; and Ouicken Online Banking serves for for tracking, organization, and management of finances.

Loans & Credit Cards is focused on home equity loans & lines of credit which serve for consolidation of debts, investing in college, and home repairments. Personal loans are intended for home improvement, purchase of vehicle, boat, etc. Other types are student loans, mortgage loans and credit cards.

Investments sector stresses on brokerage services, asset management accounts, including diversification of a brokerage account, cash management, combination of multiple accounts, etc.

In the insurance field, there are two options available – personal and property insurance. The personal insurance can be made for health, life insurance, long term care, etc. The property insurance has auto and home options.The small businesses sector combines banking services, loans & lines of credit, cash management, and business services.

The banking services include business checking, business interest checking, business savings, account cards & access services, and online financial management.Loans & lines of credit offer term loans, commercial real estate loans and small business administration loans.Cash management focuses on integrated solutions, sweep accounts, payables & receivables management, commercial cards, and investment options.

Business services are designed to help clients stay competitive on the market. They include payroll & direct deposits, retirement plans, business insurance, and international services.

The Corporate sector combines lending, leasing & banking; treasury management and specialized industry expertise. On the other hand, Wealth involves wealth planning, private banking, trust services, investments, and insurance services.The overall Comerica Incorporated’s focus falls on asset-based lending, lines of credit, and international trade financing.

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