Northern Trust Corporation

Americaís Northern Trust Corporation (NASDAQ: NTRS) is an international financial services provider, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1889, Northern Trust is now headed by Mr. Frederick H. Waddell, President and CEO, and has 11,000 officials working in a network of 85 offices across the United States. In addition, the company has twelve international offices in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. The structure provides financial services for individual, corporate, and institutional clients and global investment solutions.

To their individual clients in the USA, the experts of Northern Trust are pleased to offer a set of premium financial services, including comprehensive wealth management and financial planning solutions, pension funds, asset growth strategies, risk and management, tax liability reduction services, and liquidity maintenance solutions. The private banking division of the company has developed multiple deposit and cash management mechanisms, together with specialty lending, residential mortgages, and various custom solutions such as efficient online financial management (implemented through Northern Trustís online financial management suite, Private Passport), phone banking service, credit and debit cards issuance and ATM services. Other services include deposits and tailored financing solutions, which encompass personal credit lines and fixed-rate installment loans, mortgages and home equity loans, as well as financing for the purchase of private aircraft and yachts.

The business clients of Northern Trust may rely on a set of banking and financial services including flexible business deposit accounts and innovative electronic business banking solutions, while the credit options for business people include working capital loans, leasing solutions for the purchase of equipment, commercial real estate loans and industrial development bonds. The financial planning solutions for the owners of small and medium-sized businesses encompass asset allocation and investment management, business succession, insurance and risk management, retirement planning, and net worth analysis.

The company also developed specially tailored financial services for legal and medical professionals, professional athletes, corporate executives and families in transition.

For their corporate clients, the team of Northern Trust has developed integrated financial and banking services including asset management services (securities lending, investment and commission management and investment solutions), asset servicing (global custody assistance and investment risk analysis, treasury services, and benefit payments). Other options are banking and treasury management services including management of excess liquidity, receivables, and payables.

Northern Trust has also developed a set of asset management and financing services for governmental, environmental and not-for-profit organizations.

At the end of the third quarter of 2009, Northern Trust Corporation reported banking assets in the amount of US $78 billion, net income of US $187.9 million (net income per common share of $ 0.77).

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