Founded in 1832 and currently headquartered in Toronto and Ontario, the Bank of Nova Scotia, commonly known as Scotiabank, is the third largest provider of financial and banking services in Canada. Scotia Bank has over 69,000 employees and more than two thousand representative offices and retail banking centers in Canada and around the world. This banking institution is publicly traded at the stock exchanges in Toronto and New York under the ticker BNS.

Canadian banking is the commercial banking division of Scotiabank, offering a broad range of everyday financial and banking services to individual clients such as checking and savings accounts and deposits, including account plans and saving programs for students and young people, a comprehensive online and telephone banking service and a reliable ATM network, as well as various financial planning options. In addition, the retail banking unit of Scotia bank has developed an array of special banking services for senior citizens over 59 years of age.

Scotiabank’s loan portfolio for individual clients encompasses variable and fixed rate mortgages, equity plans and re-financing solutions, credit cards with attractive reward programs, including preferential-rate credit cards for students, lines of credit and personal loans, and leasing solutions for the purchase of automobiles or yachts. Scotiabank also offers flexible loans and credit lines for students and education financing solutions.

The personal investment tools of the Bank of Nova Scotia include tax-reducing solutions such as registered savings plans along with education savings plans, retirement income funds, tax-free savings accounts, disability savings solutions, guaranteed investment certificates, mutual funds and different precious metals investment products.

The insurance products of Scotiabank include health and life insurance plans, mortgage and credit line protection solutions, along with travel insurance and home and auto insurance solutions. The life insurance coverage comes in two options: the first has coverage of up to $250 thousand while the second – up to $1 million. The travel insurance covers medical examinations, hospitalization expenses, diagnostic tests, purchase of prescribed medications, air and ground ambulance service, and emergency dental care. With coverage of up to $1 million, the travel insurance covers transportation to the country of origin and 24-hour emergency assistance.

In support of the small and medium-sized businesses, the team of the Bank of Nova Scotia has developed a set of convenient and flexible banking and financing solutions such as small business advisory and management assistance, various banking packages, business borrowing and investment solutions, property management, trade assistance and industry financing. Scotiabank’s “Get Growing to a Million” campaign is meant to encourage small business owners in identifying growth and expansion strategies. The Scotiabank Group also offers a full range of services to large and medium-sized businesses including international trade assistance, business project financing and investment services, risk assessment and management, etc. At the same time, Scotia Capital offers a wide range of premium banking and financial services to corporate and institutional clients in Canada and around the globe. Among the offered services are market analyses, mergers and acquisitions’ monitoring, foreign exchange and asset management, corporate lending, derivatives, equity underwriting and distribution, hedge fund services, international banking, money markets assistance, global infrastructure finance, private placements, and project financing, among others.

The corporate and institutional clients of Scotia Capital may also take advantage of SC Online - an internet portal designed to facilitate the communication between Scotia Capital’s sales representatives and their clients. At the end of 2009 financial year, Scotiabank Group announced total revenues of slightly under thirteen billion US dollars, along with net income of $3.37 billion and total assets in the amount of 479 billion US dollars.

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