M.M. Warburg & CO

M.M. Warburg & CO represents a large scale private investment bank based in Hamburg, Germany, with offices in Cologne, Berlin, and Frankfurt. The body was established by two brothers, Gerson Warburg and Moses Marcus in 1798 as a bill transaction business. Nowadays, the bank has grown significantly through numerous acquisitions, offering a variety of services and products and having more than 1800 employees.

The bankís capital is exclusively under the control of private individuals. This traditional independence of institutional influence is considered to be extremely valuable to clients, enabling the company to weigh up the customerís interests, the opportunities, and the related risks in an unbiased fashion.

The companyís core philosophy revolves around the concepts of institutional independence, personal commitment, and short lines of decision-making and communication. Independence is what gives M.M. Warburg its character of a universal bank, offering a full array of products and services. Corporate clients can receive a comprehensive service portfolio. Being a corporate bank, M.M. Warburg offers a wide range of services related to acquisitions, mergers, and initial public offerings Ė both on the buyer or the sellerís side. Mid-market companies are the primary clients of such services. The bankís privatization experts are known to be among the best in their field in Germany.

Classic lending business, as well as more complex project financing, are among the bankís services, along with other contemporary forms of capital financing. M.M. Warburg is an owner-managed private bank, and as such the body has a good amount of experience with regard to concerns and financing needs of corporate clients.

M.M. Warburg has the practice of tailoring their service for the individual customer. The clientís plans for the future and current economic situation are considered, in order to develop an optimal custom investment concept. The assistance of qualified advisors and subsidiary banks is employed as needed.

The bank can advise clients on questions concerning specific investments and decisions regarding assets, and is also able to provide holistic services, which include financial planning, advice on alternative investments, asset management, securities advice, as well as advice on foundations and inheritance planning. To this end, the bank can also conduct a thorough analysis of the customerís current assets and liabilities. The holistic approach has the potential of giving above-average returns at the cost of reasonable risk.

Among other services, M.M. Warburg offers real estate investments, insurances, treasury products, online banking, entrepreneurship, private placements, and ship investments, which benefit from the bankís many connections in the world of international trade and shipping.

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