BNL Banca Commerciale

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro is a banking institution, based in Italy, and a member of the Euro Banking Association. The bank was incorporated in 1913 and the body was the first bank to focus on the national market – a feature that set the body ahead from the rest of Italy’s banks. In the early 1920’s, threatened by the fascists’ political invasion, the Italian government, led by the need for banking operations on a national scale, took over the INCC, converting the structure into a state-owned public company. In 1929, the INCC was transformed into a commercial bank and started operations under present name.

In 1936, as a result of the crisis in Italy's banking sector, and by virtue of the new Banking Law, the Italian government placed the country's 24 largest banks (including INCC) under direct governmental control. The reforms were beneficial, giving BNL access to government-subsidized loans and enabling BNL to seize a growing share of the market.

In 1960, Banca Nazionale expanded into Argentina and within a period of 46 years, the body opened 91 branches. BNL sold its entire Argentinean operations in 2006 to HSBC Bank Argentina.

In 1998, BNL was privatized again by public sale and its shares were listed at the Milan Stock Exchange. Today, following a 2006 acquisition by the French BNP Paribas, the BNL was transformed into BNL Banca Commerciale (BNL bc): Italy’s sixth largest bank and one of the world’s top 100 banks.

The Bank is headquartered in Rome, Italy and operates an extensive network of 850 branches and centres throughout Italy, as well as 12 Italian Desks worldwide. The bank boasts 2.6 million private customers and 40,000 business and institutional customers. The number of employees working for BNL numbers 13,900. The bank is currently led by President Luigi Abete.

BNL offers to its customers a broad spectrum of banking, financial and insurance services and products, and the structure is a market leader in the fields of international banking, risk management and insurance brokerage, cash management, project financing, leasing, international payments, etc.

The bank offers to its private customers services in the spheres of private banking and e-banking services, mortgages, consumer credits, as well as various investment, insurance and pension products. In pursuing successful trade activities, BNL’s business and corporate customers may choose among a wide range of effective products, tailored financial advices, and innovative services and solutions. In addition, BNL supports Italian companies operating abroad and offers assistance to multinational corporations investing in Italy.

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