Gazprombank is one of the leading banks within the banking sector in Russia. The body was established by the world`s largest gas producer Gazprom, successfully working in the banking field since 1990. The main goal of its founders is to offer services for the gas companies. Gazprombank boosts as the third largest banking institution in Russia and offers a wide selection of investment and banking services. The body has more than fifteen years of experience and offers integrated service to large companies in the real sector of economy. Gazprombank has maintained professional contacts with approximately two million private and more than 43,000 corporate clients. The bank is represented in 51 regions of the Russian Federation and 4 other countries.

Gazprom invests in key economic sectors (electric power, metallurgic, and oil industries, nuclear industry, construction of real estate, trade, transport and machine building, and telecommunications), and operates 5 subsidiary banks in Russia, Belarus and Armenia, offices in China and Mongolia, and 41 own branches in Russia: from Kaliningrad to Youzhno-Sakhalinsk. The bank has introduced specialized banking products for large and medium business, export companies, and institutions with branches and regional networks. The body provides integrated service for retail customers, but the diversity of its clients shows the progress of the corporation. The quick growth of offered loans, the effective risk management policy, and the cautious approach to potential borrowers enables Gazprom to maintain considerably low levels of non-performing loans compared to other banking structures. Gazprombank is quite active in developing services for the investment enterprises. Moreover, the bank is involved in key investment projects in the oil and petrochemical industries as well as the media. Gazprombank occupies a major position with regard to capital market transactions (securing financing, bonds underwriting), project financing, and corporate financial counseling. The offices number almost 450 and deliver customer-friendly top-end banking services, offered under the brand name Gazprombank.

Gazprombank is a two time winner (2001 and 2005) of the “The Bank of the Year in Russia”. Furthermore, the corporation places emphasis on improved services, steadily expanding their range and doing its best to save customers' banking expenses.

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