Landesbank Berlin

Founded in 1818 and headquartered in Berlin, Landesbank Berlin operates as a subsidiary of Erwerbsgesellschaft der S-Finanzgruppe. The group is listed on the stock exchanges in Berlin (BEBG.BE), Paris (BEBGEUR.Pap), London, (BEBGEUR.Lp), Stockholm (BEBGEUR.STp), as well as in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Düsseldorf.

In Germany and around the world, the company’s six thousand employees are devoted to providing their customers with top-rate banking and financial services. Through its Berlin-based Landesbank subsidiary, the company features diverse financial services on the territory of Germany and on the global market. To its private clients, Landesbank offers an attractive banking service package, including consumer loans, pension funds management, asset accumulation, and housing and management loans. In order to further facilitate their clients’ access to services, Landesbank offers on-the-go solutions such as online and telephone banking, which comes especially handy in payment transactions and liquidity management.

To its business clients, Landesbank offers corporate banking services such as leasing solution, international banking and business projects financing, etc. Landesbank’s e-banking solutions are also used by many public foundations, state institutions, non-governmental organizations in Germany and around the world. Furthermore, the capital market department of Landesbank offers a diverse array of products, together with tailored solutions, intended to commercial real property projects.

Landesbank’s outlook for 2009 financial year is associated with consolidation of their positions in corporate banking and the expansion of their business relations with customers. We shall wait to see how the company will emerge from the abating global economic crisis.

The management of Landesbank has set as their goal the continued improvement in quality and the expansion of services, further strengthening their positions in the sectors of retail and regional corporate banking. To the fulfillment of this goal, the company announced a sixty-percent increase in profit after tax, during the first half of 2009 to 189 million euro, despite the unfavorable financial conditions on the global markets. Even more important, as a result of its prudent fiscal policy, Landesbank has managed to close the difficult fiscal year of 2008 with small but stable earnings (EUR 29 million after tax profit) while Deutsche Bank reported significant losses.

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